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Venlo Greenhouse System Steel components are made of hot-dipped galvanized; roof and glass fittings are fully made of aluminum profile. Glass bearing
 Sipariş        Detaylar
Fresh air breathing and holding up optimal temperature and humidity level inside the greenhouse. The opening is till 45 % of total area.
The system of irrigation by capilar tubes directly to near root area of a plant. This method grants totally control of frequency and capacity of water that is given balanced to all plants. Drip irrigation is the main method of watering in hydroponics.
Energy Saving Screen: used for decreasing of heat lose in winter, preventing overheating in summer, shading the plants, decreasing the level of radiation.
– Shading Systems: used for shading the plants when needed.
The heating tubes system and heating boiler system are being calculated for each project and depend on climatic and other conditions. All tubes and systems are tested and have certification of quality and standartisation.
Our climate conditioning systems grant automatic control of heating, ventilation, circulation fans, cooling and fogging systems to present ideal conditions for plants. Zonal and inside probes make probation for data.
Computer based automation systems, working on hard-calculated formulas grant us total control of plant growth and productivity.
Cooling systems are used inlo cations with hot climatic conditions andlo w day-night temperature difference.
This is a system of manuring with irrigation water. We offer full automatic fertilizer systems
Used to donate greehouse with carbondyoxide gas, in order to increase productiviy. The donation is provided by special tanks or from gas based heating system.
This system is used to hold up needed humidity level in the greenhouse. Also used for cooling.
Used for extending the light period in a day and replacing the sun light in sunless days; aimed for accomplishing the harvest period and increasing the productivity. Also has impact on quality of products.


Climate control of a greenhouse guarantees reduction in costs and increase in quality and quantity of products, resulting in profitable income.

Greenhouse automated systems provide convenience to control climatic factors as well as control production.  

Our cultivators are not aware that they could achieve a higher income by making difference in tonnage and quality they would derive from an adequately heated or cooled greenhouse.   

No adequate cooling or heating has been achieved in greenhouse cultivation for many years, therefore necessity for climate control has not been totally comprehended because heating and cooling was inadequate.    

This being the case, cultivators are highly unlikely to believe that productivity could be increased by cooling and heating.  

Demand for modern heating and cooling systems is very low because installation of such systems in small family greenhouses would require a very high installation cost.

Installation and operating costs of large scale entities pay for the costs incurred during the year and increase gains.   

The objective of greenhouse cultivation is to ensure minimum 15 C for cultivation to produce forced crops outside the season, and to sell such crops for a fair price so that a profitable production can be achieved.  

To ensure this 15 C in winter time, first an indoor environment with light must be established.



Costs for Heating

The substantial cost in greenhouse cultivation is the cost for heating. To heat a greenhouse of 10.000 m2 and keep it at 18°C for 7 months from October to April, the amount of natural gas required is 90.000 m3 for Nakhcevan, 26.000 m3 for Antalya, 86.000m3 for Ankara, and 48.000m3 for Baku. There are other types of fuel used for heating in addition to natural gas.


Types of Fuel

The cost for heating can be low with cost-efficient coal under conditions of Antalya, however the coal is usually the largest cost item in greenhouse cultivation. But heating with coal becomes less profitable as you go to the north direction from Antalya. Heating with coal would cause loss under conditions of Ankara.

Among possibilities, heating with geothermal resources is the cleanest type of heating that ensures the most profitable production.

Common practice in Turkey:

When it comes to heating of a greenhouse located in southern areas in particular, one might think a wood burning stove is supplied in the greenhouse to break the cold.

This however is very unfavorable and wrong, and in fact, it is like “the cake is not worth the candle” as the idiom says. Disadvantages of such practice can be listed as follows:

Pollination of flowers reduces significantly. Even in some cases, natural pollination (even with bees) could never be achieved. In such case, the cultivator might have to use some hormones. However, even hormones might not achieve a fertilization if the temperature is not adequate.

The crop would be tasteless and flavorless even though a fertilization is somehow achieved. The plant cannot feed its fruit adequately and reach some nutrients to the fruit. Intake of nutrients given through the soil or environment by the plant is insufficient at low temperatures.

Endurance of plants to diseases and pests is very low because the plant is constantly exposed to temperature changes and heated lower than it is required. In this case, cultivators must continuously apply pesticide. This puts a financial burden on cultivators as well as increases the risk for residue on crops

This is naturally an issue that requires a good financial analysis. In cold months, heating higher than +2 C is a large financial burden for entities that don’t have convenient energy resources like geothermal in particular.  

The temperature ranges 15 to 19 required to make your greenhouse vegetables healthier, more tonnage and more delicious such as tomatoes, eggplants, peppers, squashes, and cucumbers that are commonly cultivated in Turkey. However it should be enough to keep in-greenhouse temperature at 8 to 10 degrees. Grow of vegetables is very slow at lower temperatures; the resistance to diseases reduces, and the cost for pesticides increases. Deformations and spots occur on crops. Crops cultivated address only to the domestic market and are not suitable for exportation.

In greenhouse cultivation, it is a significant problem to keep greenhouses at desirable temperature especially at low temperatures in winter. Because the area to be heated is very large in modern greenhouses, heating is achieved with a heating system that is larger than standard heating systems. Although desired temperature varies depending on the type of vegetables in greenhouse cultivation, it ranges 15 to 20 C. Glass and plastic that are used as cover material for greenhouses are not good at maintaining the temperature. The get warm and cold very quickly. It would be very burdensome to heat a greenhouse to a required temperature where external temperature is 0-5 C. Instead, what we do is to keep the inner ambient temperature at 8-10 C for a certain period of time.  

Modern greenhouses often use a central heating system which includes a boiler and associated piping system. There are two types of materials used for heating systems. They are polyethylene and iron pipes. The useful life of polyethylene pipes varies between 4 and 6 years. Pipes laid inside the greenhouse heat both the soil and the environment. Iron pipes can also be used instead of polyethylene pipes.  

As seen in pictures, the pipes that cover the greenhouse floor as a web heat both the soil and the environment.

In addition to circulation of warm water, heating can be achieved by distributing the heated air, i.e., warm air, inside the greenhouse. Yet, this is not good for vegetables in the long term.

The heating costs of greenhouses depend on the location, type of cover, location direction of greenhouse (e.g., east to west), width of area to be covered, type of the fuel used, and similar factors.

Cooling Costs

Cooling costs increase particularly in southern regions such as Antalya, Mersin, السعودية Saudi Arabia, العراق Iraq, ایران Iran, السودان Sudan, جيبوتي Djibouti, اليمن Yemen, الإمارات العربية المتحدة United Arab Emirates, دُبي Dubai, الكويت Kuwait, الجزائر Algeria, تونس Tunisia, المدينة المنورة Medina, Australia, Hatay, Izmir, جالكاكيو Galkayo, بوساسو‎ Bosaso, where a cooling system is highly needed.  

We offer customers turnkey projects including cooling systems which are designed and implemented by Mayçelik.

Our system reduces the inner temperature of a greenhouse down to 30 C in a short time when the outside temperature is 50 C.

A greenhouse of 10.000 m2 consumes around 10kw/h. 

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