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Manufacturing and Construction of Modern System Seedling Production Plant, Germination Room and Graft Room

Turnkey, Meat and Dairy Farming Facility

Production Consultancy • Plant Nutrition Techniques • Professional Environment Methods

This greenhouse is polycarbonate coated in 8mm UV and installed in Silivri/Istanbul to cultivate organic products.

Galvanized Steel System Greenhouses 9,60 Model Greenhouse Construction Packet Greenhouse System Designed for Soil Organic Productions 50.000m2

Venlo Greenhouse System Steel components are made of hot-dipped galvanized; roof and glass fittings are fully made of aluminum profile. Glass bearing

Manufacturing and Installation of Multi-Storey Greenhouses for Strawberry Production

Economıc Greenhouse Heatıng And Coolıng Systems

Coolıng Of Greenhouses In Cool Clımate Regıons By Fan Pad System

Irrigation techniques and electrical engineering

Anthurium crystallinum (bright green leafy) Anthurium veitchii (dark green leafy) Anthurium magnificum (white-green mottled leaves)

Modern System Fully Automated Yeast Production Plant İnstallations And Machinery Manufacturing

Tomato-Fruıt Processıng Lıne Machıne Technıcal Specıfıcatıons

Automated Animal Shelters Modern Economic and Ecological Facility Investments

Automated Solar Panel Investments Modern Economic and Ecological Facility Investments

Steel Constructions Livestock Projects Energy Conversion Lines Renewable Energy Generation Transmitter Stations
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